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Hi there! I'm Maxim Llorephie

There is my homepage with random stuff. I don't really know why I've bought this domain name, but shit happens - this webpage on the web!

This page is brief summary about me on the Web, and may differs with actual real life info. For resume check out printable version of this page.

Hi! I'm Maxim Martyanov, or, as I known on the Web, Maxim Llorephie. I'm russian student, FOSS enthusiast (meanwhile Windows hater, yep), beginner developer.

Short list of skills learned since January 31, 1999:
  • Languages
    • Russian: native;
    • English: reading, fan translations, slow speak;
    • Czech: in progress (beginner).
  • Education: GCSE.
  • System administration skills:
    • Linux: MySQL servers (Community, MariaDB, Percona), MongoDB, Redis, Memcached;
    • Linux: LEMP (NGINX Community, php-fpm, MySQL), LAMP (NGINX + Apache2 + mod_php + MySQL);
    • Linux: Virtualisation (KVM via virsh, LXC);
    • Linux: IPv4/IPv6 routing, sertified IPv6 by Hurricane Electrics at 2015;
    • Linux: OpenVPN setup;
    • Linux: Client support;
    • Windows Server: Basic deployment and configuration, Active Domain;
    • Windows: Client support;
    • Windows-to-Linux migration in production.
  • Development skills:
    • Base knowlegde of C, C++, Python, Golang, Java, JavaScript;
    • Web: Valid (W3C) HTML5, CSS3, accessibility, offline applications (OakJS in-progress), Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS (beginner)
    • Desktop (crossplatform): Qt5 (C++).

As I've mentioned that I'm GNU/Linux user - there is my setup:

Llorephie Analytics (Powered by Piwik) - Web/App analytics platform. Access here

Reanimator MCC - Website development and hosting. View here

Guild Black Templars - Website development, system administration. View here

The Elder Scrolls: Minecraft - Website development (merged with Guild Black Templars). View here

The Geek Journal (RU) - Website development, system administration (in development). View here

Oak JS - CMS, written in NodeJS (in development). Contribute here

Telegram bot (in development, closed source). Contact here

Feed page under construction